About us

Over 20 years of experience, hard work, passion, commitment, innovation, fun and we are always in good mood, ready for new challenges!

What we do

We design, produce and deliver the ultimate retail marketing solutions, POSM, shopfitting, displays, shop in shop systems.

How we work


We listen, we ask many question we want to understand your needs to work together to achieve the best results.


When we find out your needs, we will work in our multidisciplinary team to find the best solution to achieve the goal.

Perfect Design

If you think that it is funny, you are right! It is, but it is also a hard work to do, not only drawing. Every good design relies on a good idea.

yeti-pos logo acrylic

That is the moment when we develop our ideas choosing the right materials, technology to produce the expected appearance and the functionality in the best price.


We understand that drawing is not enough to test the product so we make a prototype to make sure you get all you need.


Our well-equipped production facility enables us to achieve the best quality. We control all processes to make sure that you will get everything in high quality, always on time.